Fathering Adventures
Fathering Adventures
Fathering Adventures

4 Night Father & Son Adventures


A Father-Son Relationship Investment and Masculine Initiation Adventure Experience, for boys, young men, and mature-age men aged between 13 and 70 years, and their Dad, or significant male other. This is so much more than a camp, and so much more than a retreat.


There is a second core question that every boy is asking, and if answered negatively, or worse still, not answered at all, he will continue asking that same question throughout his entire lifetime… Do I have what it takes? Do I have the strength, the courage, the gifts, the talents, the abilities, to come through in a given situation? Whilst we highly commend mothers for their efforts toward their sons in the absence of Dad, this core question can only be answered effectively by the father, or significant male other. As the proverb says, “the glory of sons are their fathers.” Many men today are either attempting to prove that they do have what it takes, and becoming driven in their pursuits, however the majority of men today believe they don’t have what it takes, so they shrink away from those situations that threaten to expose that fear. They become passive men.


“My Father didn’t tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it.”

Clarence B. Kelland (1881-1964)


After studying the history of cultures around the world, successful authors such as John Eldredge, Robert Lewis, and Steve Biddulph, remind us of the masculine journey and initiation that today’s Western culture for the most part has failed to impart. “Masculinity is bestowed by masculinity.” For a boy to become a real man, there is a journey that he must take. An invitation into a community of authentic men that calls forth daring and courage. It’s a journey that requires testing and challenging… physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. We must remember that equipping today’s sons, boys, and young men, is preparing and equipping the next generation of men, husbands, and fathers.


In the Brindabella Ranges of NSW, North of Canberra, a typical day features a couple of excellent half-day, professionally-guided outdoor adventure activities e.g. Horse Trail Riding, Dirt-Bike Trail Riding, Caving, Abseiling, and hiking to the summit of Mount Narrangullen. Rest assured men, the outdoor adventures / activities selected cater for all fitness levels. A typical evening features a multimedia presentation and small group interaction on topics such as “Authentic Manhood versus Conventional Manhood”, and “The Four Marks of a Real Man”.


This father son adventure experience is so much more than just a father son camp... it provides an intentional forum for a Dad to usher his teenage son into authentic manhood through a “rite of passage” or “vision quest” process of masculine initiation.


Day 1 – Monday

Arrival at the 'Mountain Trails' facility, Wee Jasper.
6:00 pm Dinner and Welcoming / Introduction presentation.

Day 2 – Tuesday

Horse Trail Riding and Dirt-Bike Trail Riding.
The “Intentional Father” and “Prepared Son” presentations.

Day 3 – Wednesday

Caving and Abseiling.
The “Conventional Manhood versus Authentic Manhood” presentation.

Day 4 – Thursday

The “Four Marks of a Real Man” presentation… a vision for authentic manhood.
Hiking to the summit of Mount Narrangullen.
The “Initiation” ceremony.

Day 5 – Friday



Each 4-Night Father-Son Adventure is delivered at the rate of AU$1,125 per person, plus 10% GST (Goods & Services Tax). This price includes all meals (catered), accommodation, travel between Canberra and 'Mountain Trails', full days of half-day, professionally-guided outdoor adventures, and coaching.


A minimum deposit of AU$450 per person, plus 10% GST (Goods & Services Tax), is required, in order for you to secure your place. Remaining fees are due by, or earlier than, five (5) weeks prior to the commencement of your Father-Son Adventure experience.


Payment plans of up to 12 months in duration, are now available. Enquire now by emailing us at info@fatheringadventures.com.au .


Book now to avoid disappointment, as each 4 Night Father-Son Adventure is limited to a maximum of just 10 father-son pairs.


FS2016-NSW-401– Monday 12th December 2016 to Friday 16th December 2016.
'Mountain Trails', Wee Jasper, NSW, outside of Canberra.
Professionally-guided & outfitted adventure activities include Dirt-Bike Trail Riding, Horse Trail Riding, Abseiling, and Caving etc. (No experience is necessary)
Vacancies remaining… Just one (1) father-son pair.

Flights into Canberra should arrive no later than 1:00 pm on the Monday afternoon, and should depart no earlier than 12:00 Noon on the Friday.



Fathering Adventures
Father son adventures

What others have said...


This experience has given me a clear goal to work towards. I wanted to be a real man, but I’d never considered how. Now I know that with work, I have what it takes to be a true man, and one day a loving father.
My favourite memory from this experience was talking to Dad on the mountain side. I know I’ve made him proud, and I’ve learned we’re really not as different as I thought.”
(Andre – Age 17 – Giru, QLD)


“This experience has helped me find out more about my Dad.
My favourite memory from this experience was going out and doing things I have never done, with my Dad
It was great!!”
(Riley – Age 15 – Brisbane, QLD)


“This experience has enabled me to spend time with my Dad, and understand what it is to be a real man.
My favourite memory from this experience was dirt-bike riding, and time with Dad.”
(Ben – Age 14 – Sydney, NSW)


“My favourite memory from this experience was spending quality time with my father.
I learnt this week to have fun with my Dad, and not my mates 99% of the time.”
(Ben – Age 13 – MacLean, NSW)


“This has been the greatest opportunity I have ever had to connect with my son in his adolescence. The activities were great to share with him – They were things I would probably never have done with him, outside of this experience.
My favourite memories were the hour my son and I shared on the side of the mountain, and seeing my son stretch himself dirt-bike riding and caving.
This experience was priceless. The venue was remote, which was good, and the adventures were fun. Top value for money.
This week during our week together, I learnt to improve my fathering. I learnt to talk and open up more with my son, daughter, wife, and parents.”
(Peter – Age 52 – Giru, QLD)


“This experience has had a very significant impact upon my role as a father to my son. It’s an experience that will remain with me for the rest of my life. What a foundation for my son.
My favourite memories from this experience will be my time on the mountainside with my son, and the Initiation Ceremony.
I learnt this week to let go as a father, and listen more to my son’s heart.
This experience is something that every father / son / daughter should benefit from.”
(Peter – Age 51 – Sydney, NSW)


“This experience has been a fantastic opportunity to be with my son, and for us both to come together as men, and hear from others on a similar journey with challenges around fatherhood.
My favourite memory from this experience was the time away together, and challenging ourselves, both through the activities and emotionally. It renewed respect.”
(Craig – Age 47 – Brisbane, QLD)


“I am now closer to my son than ever, and that means the world to me.”
(Steve – Age 45 – MacLean, NSW)

Father son adventures
Fathering Adventures
Father son adventures
Father son adventures
Father son adventures
Father son adventures
Father son adventures
Father son adventures
Father son adventures
Father son adventures
Father son adventures
Father son adventures
Father son adventures
Father son adventures
Father son adventures
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Father son adventures
Fathering Adventures
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